Public Humanities Awards

Join us at the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson on February 10th for the 2017 Public Humanities Awards, honoring:

Dr. Peggy Prenshaw, former MHC board chair – Cora Norman Award

Richard Grant, author of Dispatches from PlutoPreserver of Mississippi Culture

Museum of the Mississippi Delta – Humanities Partner Award

Dr. Jodi Skipper, University of Mississippi – Humanities Scholar Award

David Morgan, retired MHC staff – Humanities Educator Award

And 29 recipients of the 2016 Humanities Teacher Awards.

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The Mississippi Humanities Council presents Humanities Achievement Awards each February, honoring outstanding contributions in the public humanities in our state. The Council began issuing Achievement Awards in 1993 to recognize persons who have supported the Council’s work through public humanities programs across the state. All Mississippians are invited to make nominations for these awards. Nominations are accepted for Humanities Scholar Award, Humanities Partner Award, Humanities Educator Award, and Humanities Award for Preservation of Mississippi Culture. In addition, the Council awards one extraordinary recipient the “Cora Norman Award,” named for the MHC’s founding director, who guided the Council for its first 24 years. The Cora Norman Award honors individuals who have made significant lifetime contributions to the public humanities in Mississippi.

Every fall, the MHC honors a Humanities Teacher of the Year at each of our state’s institutions of higher learning. These winners are then publicly recognized at the February awards event.