Ideas on Tap

In 2016, the Mississippi Humanities Council launched its newest Council-conducted initiative, Ideas on Tap, a series of regular humanities-based community discussions about important contemporary issues. Each program includes a panel discussion featuring knowledgeable participants who present a wide spectrum of opinions on the topic, as well as a chance for audience members to share their thoughts and responses. Past programs have included “Why are Young People Leaving Mississippi,” “What Does our State Flag Symbolize,” and “What Now: Mississippi and the Aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election.”

Ideas on Tap is held once a month at Hal & Mal’s in Jackson. The program has also expanded to other communities around the state. Cleveland hosted the first traveling Ideas on Tap in October 2016 and will host another in 2017. Oxford is also planning an Ideas on Tap for early 2017. We hope to bring the program to other cities in Mississippi in the near future. For more information on Ideas on Tap, please contact Caroline Gillespie, Program Officer at the Mississippi Humanities Council.