About the Mississippi Humanities Council

The Mississippi Humanities Council is a private nonprofit corporation funded by Congress through the National Endowment for the Humanities to provide public programs in traditional liberal arts disciplines to serve nonprofit groups in Mississippi. The humanities are the study of history, literature, religion, languages, philosophy, and culture

Mission Statement

The Mississippi Humanities Council creates opportunities for Mississippians to learn about themselves and the larger world and enriches communities through civil conversations about our history and culture.

The Core Values of the Mississippi Humanities Council include:

  • We strive to serve all Mississippians in all regions of our state.
  • We promote thoughtful and informed discussion about the history and culture of Mississippi.
  • We collaborate with partners to promote the public humanities and foster lifelong learning in Mississippi.
  • We believe the humanities are essential to identifying and addressing critical issues in our state.

Our motto is the humanities are for everyone!